About Us

Global Climate Finance (GCF) is a leading journal, providing news, in-depth analysis, and insightful contents about climate change, the environment and sustainable development, published by Global Investor Media from its Headquarter in London, United Kingdom.

The journal is distributed at the UN Climate Change conference to all attendees, including; world leaders, heads of government, ministers, policy makers, investors, scientists, business leaders, and the press.

Additional distribution goes to public & private sectors, financial institutions, international airports, 5* Star hotels, VIP lounges and airlines business class that recognize sustainability and support approaches to prevent potential negative impacts on the environment and society.

The impacts of climate change requires executives to adapt to an unprecedented set of complex and genuinely transformational issues, hence; putting sustainability at the heart of business operations could minimize environmental impact while enhancing investors and stakeholders’ value.

Following a sustainability strategy could improve your brand reputation, save you money, and ultimately – it could save your business.

The GCF journal help managers, investors, and stakeholders to establish an intellectual agenda for discussion and change within their companies, and for the most part, it can help a CEO just at the crucial moment of making a decision for his or her company which is why the journal forms a peer forum for CEOs to share experiences learned the hard way.

Climate Finance is poised to become one of the hottest topics in international development as the Green Climate Fund will take the center stage in the upcoming UN COP meeting.

Reliable data and analysis from our industry expert/writers is an indispensable guide for those involved in the climate change negotiating process, normal people who are concerned about climate change issues, investors, stakeholders, and businesses who want to significantly raise their global profile by promoting their activities in the journal and website which attracts millions of visitors every year.

We encourage managers and sustainability practitioners to share their experiences and best practices on climate change, and to collaborate under the UNFCCC initiatives and sector-driven partnerships in order to increase the awareness and support for global sustainable finance.

The Global Climate Finance’s multi-media channels offer our corporate sponsors and valued network of partners a variety of opportunities across the site and at exclusive events we organize throughout the year to showcase the latest initiatives, technologies, innovative products and services through a mixture of corporate campaign in our print, digital, online Q & A interviews, WebTV videos dedicated to climate change issues and projects, awards, events, banner ads, mobile, tablets, and social media.

Interviews plus video presentation offers a hi-profile, and efficient ways for senior executives to present timely and engaging content about his or her career, focusing on decisions, challenges and experiences that will resonate with other managers on how to adapt to climate change, including; being able to present their sustainable products/services/solutions to their target audience.


Global Climate Finance is independent but we work with numerous partners, international businesses, NGOs, research institutes, governments, corporations, foundations, and other multilateral organizations to foster innovative partnerships that create prosperity and eradicate poverty.

Global Climate Finance will like to thank our guest-writers and contributors who regularly weigh-in their expertise on climate change issues. For those authors who will like to contribute their written work, please, click here for the contributors guidelines.

Global Climate Finance (GCF) is a leading journal, providing in-depth news analysis, and insightful contents about climate change, the environment, sustainable development, interviews, videos, directory listing, and award recognition for best practice in climate change adaptation published by Global Investor Media from its Headquarter in London, United Kingdom. Global Climate Finance (GCF) partners with many organizations and governments to promote sustainability, sustainable finance and social business practices - the key pillars of growth.